He is a low-keyed but highly experienced PR, political and corporate strategist who has gained a wide exposure handling some of the most difficult issues of all time.

In the early eighties, he made history of being the only overseas student to be elected president of the British Students’ Union over other British candidates in a red-brick university (Sheffied) in UK. Just before that, he was also the president of the national overseas students’ body in UK. His knowledge of political and global issues was also acquired from his interaction with political activists from all over the world who were studying in Britain at that time.

In the late eighties, he was the CEO (one of the youngest at that time) of a European MNC based in Shah Alam, so he understands the high standards of corporate management.

In the early nineties, he was the CEO of a federal government council, dealing with forestry and environment issues. He was managing a fund (from timber levy) of more than RM300 million. He was also the chief co-ordinator and strategist for the government in countering the negative boycott campaign and perception in the West on the use of tropical timber, culminating as the strategic adviser to the government at the Rio Earth Summit of 1992. Environment was a highly politicised issue at that time and he managed to propose a comprehensive plan for the government to effectively deal with it.

In 1994, he set up his own management training, special PR and consultancy firm and it developed an extensive data-base of information until today on many issues locally and globally. The firm undertook some consultancy assignments with some large corporations and government bodies. He was a regular writer on global issues in The New Straits Times from 1995 to 1998 and he also organised and lectured an in-house training about the politics of environment to journalists of The New Straits Times.

In 2002, he helped to bridge some issues between Bill Gates and then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Microsoft’s interest to invest significantly in the MSC Project. The firm has since been engaged as a strategic consultant by Microsoft for several years.

In 2003, he wrote an international best-selling book about the politics of open source software entitled “The Great Software Debate”. The book was the first of its kind in the world to explain comprehensively the emerging ICT controversy.

The firm also acted as a trouble-shooting consultant for other big clients and it also developed innovative projects such as CIM or computer integrated manufacturing, dyslexia project (to help children with learning difficulty), Cyberim (in-house Internet content filtering project) and training on BCP or business continuity plan to help large organizations to be prepared at any time in dealing with epidemics such as the bird flu.

In 2009, he started a column in The Sun called “Beyond Race” focusing on race-related issues in Malaysia and overseas. In 2011, the column was changed to “Beyond The Wall” to reflect on more general and global issues. He is also a columnist with the monthly business magazine “Public Listed” writing on critical issues which affecting the corporate sector. His balanced and well written analytical articles on many local and global issues have won him critical acclaim from many people.

He is currently the creator and developer of an innovative (government-backed) Asian Heritage Museum project, a private sector initiative in Kuala Lumpur to promote tourism, Asian multicultural heritage, unity and peace in the region.


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