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IN three earlier articles about Donald Trump after he was elected president of the United States, I had predicted that he would be forced to resign or be impeached and would not last a full term, hopefully before he wrought more havoc to America and the world.

His latest outrageous move to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in defiance of the global community, undermining all peace initiatives on the Palestinian issue, knowingly inflaming the Middle East and the Muslim world, demonstrating the naked biasness of the US government in favour of Israel, exposing its pretence of being a fair and honest broker and deliberately prolonging what is probably one of the longest conflicts in modern history.

Trump is the poster boy of warmongers and right-wing extremism in America and he seems to be proud of this status.

The mishandling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the gross injustices suffered by the Palestinians, first by being thrown out of their own homeland and then those who remained have been treated as second-class citizens in an apartheid-like system, has been the cause celebre used by Muslim extremists from around the world to propagate their violent ideology, recruit disenchanted Muslim youths and justify terrorism and cruel acts on innocent people. It is also used to justify the “clash of civilisations” of Islam versus Christianity rather than Islam versus Judaism. Why?

The likes of IS have been largely defeated in the battlefields and the “caliphate” they used to control in Syria and Iraq. Many have gone underground or returned to their countries of origin to become lone wolves or sleeper cells, planning to inflict terror and harm on people as a sick way of revenge and taking out their anger on others.

If one looks at the issue objectively, the main beneficiary of Muslim extremism and its frequent clashes with the Christian world is Zionist Israel. Zionism is a racist and fascist ideology, no different at its core from Nazism and it undermines the image of Judaism just like Muslim extremism undermines the image of Islam. Many Jews around the world are actually opposed to Zionism. The extremist Jews (Zionists) are no different from the extremist Muslims and extremist Christians. The extremists of all religions, races and nationalities actually have a lot in common although they profess to hate each other. All extremists do not belong to the civilised world and they should be kicked out of this planet.

Some analysts wonder why Muslim terrorism rarely strikes in the heart of Zionism in Israel and instead is mostly targeted at the Christian world.
There have been many reports to suggest that the two major Muslim extremist organisations, Al Qaeda and IS, were actually funded, at least initially, by Israeli intelligence to cause havoc to the rest of the world and to undermine both Islam and Christianity.

In most crime scene investigations, suspicion for the hidden hand behind, say a murder, is likely to be the beneficiary of such a murder.
Therefore, if Israeli intelligence is behind and secretly promoting Muslim extremism, it can be concluded that Muslim extremists in reality, are doing a favour for Zionist Israel and undermining the image of Islam as a religion of peace.

Even before he was elected, Trump has shown his rabid anti-Muslim stance in every possible way. The Muslims are a discriminated minority in the US and are peace loving and patriotic citizens. Yet, Trump has been targeting them and making them scapegoats for the social ills in the US like what Hitler did to the Jews.
He seems to be deliberately provoking Muslims to retaliate or fight back violently and if they do that, he would then use it to justify his self-fulfilling prophecy that all Muslims are uncivilised or terrorists. It’s like the storyline in the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest where inhabitants of a mental institution were mistreated. When they retaliated, it was used to justify the self-fulfilling prophecy that they were violent and mentally sick and therefore needed rough treatment. The vicious cycle continues.

I had predicted in my earlier articles in this column that Trump, due to his super arrogance, denial of reality, inconsistencies and unstable state of mind, would keep shooting himself in his foot and undermining his own credibility, especially by his stupid and insensitive tweets. His own published words are likely to be used in the impeachment process against him for obstruction to justice.

A group of 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts in the US had just come out with a statement on Nov 30 to express their concern on the mental health and stability of their president, who as commander-in-chief, has his finger on the nuclear button and capable of starting a nuclear war to obliterate mankind.

The Russia Scandal, under investigation by the FBI, on Russia’s interference and the possible collusion of Trump’s inner circle with Russian intelligence on the last presidential election, has moved to a new level with National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying about his conversations with the Russian ambassador last December and the subsequent “request” by Trump to the then FBI director James Comey not to further investigate Flynn.

Many analysts are convinced that Trump has crossed the line of no return and there will be many unfavourable revelations to come, from Flynn and others. At the rate things are going, it looks like he will eventually be asked to resign or be impeached by Congress.

Trump has hardly served a year as president. The question many people are asking now is how much longer can he last before he is forced to go for the good of America, global peace and justice.

The writer is the CEO of a soon-to-be set up heritage and innovative museum in Kuala Lumpur to promote sustainable peace, moderation and cultural diversity and to oppose all forms of extremism. Comments:


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